Children are not made with cookie-cutters, and their music lessons shouldn’t be, either. So at We Love Music, we meet students exactly where they are, seeking to teach music through their unique personalities and natural interests. And we have fun doing it, too!

Even children with strong musical inclinations face inevitable physical and emotional challenges when learning a new instrument. From finger dexterity to attention span, these natural human attributes can easily lead to frustration and ultimately to giving up. How often have you heard an adult reminisce, “I used to play the ___, but I quit because I lost interest”? At We We Love Music, we are all about creating experiences of musical joy, inspiring kids to work through challenges rather than be discouraged by them. As a result, our students are motivated to work hard, grow musically, and rock out.

Learning music should be a blast. To make it fun, Ross Carnes teaches music with a unique style, believing that it all starts with the relationship between teacher and student. Rather than assuming a superior role, Ross works to build a friendship in which kids feel respected and as if they can be themselves. Lessons are as specific as the student’s particular interests: be it learning covers of pop songs, or writing a love song about candy.